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A realistic approach to
health and fitness


About us

I have experience training both
women and men. All fitness levels!

Every workout is catered to your personal fitness level. My workouts are never the same - every muscle in your body will get the attention it deserves, and needs!

I hold certifications in Group Fitness, Spin, Personal Training, Zumba, Yoga and most recently CrossFit Level 1 Trainer.

Not only will you get a great workout at the studio but we can come up with a meal plan that is realistic for you to create the lifestyle change you need to reach your goals!




Group Training

Group training for all fitness levels. These classes are going to give you the personal training feel with the energy from a group class.


Everything you need to begin and maintain your journey to a healthier lifestyle can be found right here.


You'll have options for live classes that you can join in-person or via ZOOM. Let today be the day you take your leap towards a healthier life!

Couscous with Meat and Vegetables

Prepped Meals

It takes big effort to make changes in your health. Unfortunately exercising alone isn't enough to create the physical changes that some of us desire.

BODY ADE offers prepared meals for men and women that are packed with protein, healthy fats and carbs and are gluten free! Whether you are trying to dip the scale of just striving to get on a clean eating path this option is just for you!

Fit Woman

Personal Training

Group training is not for everyone. I get it. So if you are looking for that
one on one with a little more input on your training days this option is for you. Please note that my approach is gentle but firm. I want you to reach your health and fitness goals!

New Keys

Key Club

For those that are not able to join us during class times or are experienced and just looking for a gym/club with all the equipment they need to meet their own training goals I've got a key for you to unlock the door. Please check the booking app for open training times.


ONE LIFE Spray Tans


Because there is no better way to show off that definition from all
those workouts than with a gorgeous, sexy tan. Tanning ALL shapes and sizes because all bodies deserve this special treat!
The safest way to get that sun kissed, bronzed look. Using Naturally Derived spray tan solutions. Certified vegan by PETA Foundation.







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